How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 7 Recap: Pregnancy Shocker!

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Let's talk about Sam's penis.

It turned up on a dead girl's phone a few weeks ago, as Annalise discovered and then confronted her husband over in the most famous line of dialogue from How to Get Away with Murder Season 1.

Now, on How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 7, we learn that it may also have gotten Lila pregnant?!?!? OMG barely begins to cover our reaction.

News that Lila Stangard was expecting at the time of her death rocked this episode of the ABC drama.

In the Flash Forward of the Week, we focus on Rebecca. She’s covered in blood and being carried into Annalise’s bathroom by Wes, who vows that it’s “gonna be fine.”

The two kiss (once that bloody mess is cleaned up) and it looks as if Rebecca might even be smiling afterward.

From there, we see Wes leave Rebecca in the hotel room and tell her to stay there until the corpse is disposed of, but before she says:

"I had to kill him or he was gonna kill me. I saw the trophy sitting there, I hit him in the head. He deserved to die and I’m glad he’s dead."

So Rebecca has now confessed to Sam and Lila's murders. Should we believe her in either instance?

There was no real Case of the Week, just Annalise blasting Rebecca as a “slut white-trash killer piece of garbage” when she didn’t take her witness prep seriously.

Annalise later asks for a gag oder as the media starts to “slut shame” Rebecca, with a story about her and Griffin having sex even making The New York Times front page.

However, But Griffin’s attorney then asks for a second autopsy to look into some curious red marks found post-mortem on Lila’s neck and this is the takeaway:

Wes is angry over Rebecca’s public lies regarding the rape, something she she did at Annalie’s backing in order to taint the quarterback and have his lawyer back off.

Still… Wes sleeps with her and opens up to her about his mother’s suicide and Rebecca then goes to get them some food, where she runs into Nate. Who says he knows who killed Lila and wants her help in catching him.

As for the second autopsy: Bonnie (who is on probation) says her medical examiner’s office source believes the marks on Lila’s next to be ant bites. She also breaks the six-weeks-pregnant bombshell.

Viola Davis played Annalise's fiery, betrayed reaction as well as anything she's done on this series to date, which makes sense, considering our knowledge of her prior miscarriages and her attempts to get pregnant in the past with Sam.

Another week of How to Get Away with Murder, another week of total madness.

React to it now and then check out the official ABC promo for How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 8:

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