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Last night on Bravo, viewers were introduced to the network’s latest group of cast members via the premiere of Euros of Hollywood Season 1 Episode 1?

What did we learn about this motley, European crew?

Watch Euros of Hollywood Season 1 Episode 1 Online
Watch Euros of Hollywood Season 1 Episode 1 Online

Following a number of Europeans who have come to the U.S. to make dreams reality, when you when you watch Euros of Hollywood online, you’ll meet:

  • Fawni, who dreams of a couture career and approaches a fashion designer on the series premiere in a bid to get this grand vision on track.
  • Sascha, a German entrepreneur and DJ who wants to bring his family to America with him, but needs to establish his businesses here first
  • Jannik, the owner of a successful jewelry brand who has tapped his American girlfriend, Natalie, to work at his flagship store in the States.

Jannik is a former playboy, which complicates matters.


Sascha and Fawni are not interested in living modest lifestyles, either, meaning their vision of the American dream is a bit different than other people’s.

Is this show worth a look? We’ll leave that up to you.

Check it out above and decide if you want to see these Euros for yourself. It’s entertaining, that’s for sure. Will it engage people enough to have staying power?

We’re on the fence. See where you end up …