Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: Great Scotland!

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The Robertsons are back and better than ever on A&E, and Wednesday's Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 1 saw them embark on a truly epic journey.

To Scotland! Duck Commander CEO, Duck Dynasty Executive Producer, Father of Five and Certified Boss Hog Willie Robertson had to go there on business.

What's the point of having a TV show if you can't bring the family along, as they've shown fans before and you know if you watch Duck Dynasty online?

Exactly. And Scotland offered the added intrigue of helping the Louisiana family reconnect with its ancestral roots in Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 1.

The one-hour installment was titled “Glory Is the Reward of Mallard," an ode to the both the clan's Scottish lineage and its current Louisiana lifestyle.

There is some culture shock, predictably. Scotland features much colder weather than the Duck Commander crew is used to back in West Monroe.

As expected, the family dons kilts, which leads to some memorable exchanges, and partakes in fishing and golfing as well as their area of expertise.

Part of what makes the Robertsons so popular is the way they embrace life, with their own unique, humorous and unorthodox way of going about it.

This trip was no exception.

They had mixed reviews of kilts, but everything else was universally positive for the family, which made a wide variety of plans while in the country.

Willie was really into the fact that they were embracing their Scottish heritage, even if they were a couple of weeks too early for duck hunting season.

The CEO also tried to loosen his grip on the schedule and itinerary, which we've seen him try to tightly control on prior Duck Dynasty road and air trips.

Uncle Si, obviously, set out to find the Loch Ness Monster. Even if he wasn't planning on that before the producers told him, he'd certainly be game.

Jase and Missy ended up checking out the Highland Games - and participating - while Jep and Jessica decided to go on a romantic motorcycle ride.

Duck Dynasty (or specifically the patriarch of the family) has ruffled plenty of feathers over the past year or so, but appears to be going strong nonetheless.

Ratings are down somewhat from the series' peak, but loyal fans of the show - of which there are millions - won't be disappointed in another fun premiere.

With a whole lot of heart to go along with the laughs (and beards) these proud rednecks are known for, it's great to have the Robertsons back on A&E.

Check out the premiere above!

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