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Demi Lovato is all about family. And tattoos.

Demi Lovato is all about family and tattoos.

In June, the artist paid tribute to her late, gay grandfather via a moving speech in concert.

And now the singer has gotten yet another tattoo, this one a bit confusing at first until one conducts a bit of research.

As a few savvy Twitter users discovered, the Angelina Jolie-esque etching depicts each of her family member’s birthdays in Roman numerals.

Lovato has included her mother Dianna, sisters Dallas and Maddie, as well as her step-father Eddie and her biological dad Patrick in the following (translated) manner:

Lovato is no stranger to meaningful tattoos, having previously inked herself with the phrase “now I’m a warrior” on her back.

Demi also has tattoos of soaring birds on her forearm, along with the words “stay” and “strong” on her wrists and “Let go” and “Let God” stamped on her feet.

Which of these is your favorite? Click through the photo gallery above and then compare Demi’s ink to that of other stars below: