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On last night’s Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 10, one cast member took a major step forward, while others were stuck in neutral, unsure of the future.

With this being the season finale, it marked an obvious turning point for the various couples, and sadly, we already know how it ended up for one of them.

Watch Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 10 Online
Watch Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 10 Online

As we picked up the action on Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 10, Dr. Jenn Berman tells Jenna Jameson where her late mom’s grave is located.

With boyfriend John Wood, she sets out with Dr. Jenn to finally visit it.

For a woman who has been so over the top, outrageous and borderline obnoxious throughout much of the season, it’s striking to see Jenna so … human.

She’s not always a reality TV parody of Jenna Jameson.

This was the purest emotion you’ll see in the genre, as she spoke directly to her mother. You could almost feel her relief and catharsis when she stopped.

Back at the house we see Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell getting cozy and feeling really good about things. Call it the calm before the storm, Part 10.


You don’t have to watch Couples Therapy online, or The Bachelor, to know these two were headed for trouble, and if you somehow missed it, well …

Spoiler alert, but they broke up in late October.

Amazingly, the two actually seemed to be in a better place after their TV therapy than before it, and gushed after filming that the show saved their relationship.

So much for that.

Meanwhile, Cicely gets a call from home and breaks some news to Treach that he gets really upset about, and you can see how she fears his hostility.

Talking to Dr. Jenn, Treach says he thinks Cicely asked him to move out, and won’t back down from his position of anger even when Cicely denies this.

It’s a little bizarre, and Cicely is well aware of it.

At the season-ending party, Dr. Jenn tells Treach that video doesn’t really reveal Cicely saying what he thinks she said, and he still won’t back down.

Cicely wants to dump him. Dr. Jenn says to wait.

In their farewell toasts, each couple says some sweet things to their partners, but Juan Pablo really ups the ante by pulling out a ring box for Nikki!

It’s a non-engagement ring, of course, for her middle finger. Wonder if she flushed that thing, Kendra style, before Juan Pablo and Nikki broke up.

John, meanwhile, actually does propose to Jenna! She says yes, and the gang agrees that while she has issues, she wants to be loved and happy.

As for Treach and Cicely, it was make or break time, and he urges her to stay with an impassioned plea. It looks like it worked, too, at least for now.

Steph and Dick broke up, though, it appears.

What did you think of the fifth season of Couples Therapy? Will these duos make it? Who would you like to see on the next season of the VH1 show?