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Ever since news broke that Kris Jenner is dating Corey Gamble, the relationship has drawn a good deal of criticism.

After all, Corey is 33, Kris is 59, and she just filed for divorce from Bruce Jenner in September.

However, sources say Kris’ family and inner circle have been supportive for the most part, and Khloe Kardashian gave Gamble her seal of approval shortly after they became an item.

But Kris’ kids may soon have a change of heart, as Atlanta Exes star Sheree Buchanan alleges in a recent interview that Gamble became so obsessive and violent after their 2010 breakup that she was forced to file for a restraining order.


“He would just show up at my house and come inside,” Buchanan tells In Touch magazine. “I had to change my locks because he’d manage to somehow get a key.”

Court documents obtained by the tabloid verify Buchanan’s claims that Gamble stalked her for several months.

Sheree says that in addition to Corey’s possessive tendencies, Kris should be worried about his history of exploiting and manipulating the women he dates.

“I know Corey,” Buchanan says. “He’s all about power and money and he’ll do anything to get it. I think he’s using her.”

“He’s a pro. He knows how to put on the charm and then he reels them in. He must be telling Kris everything she wants to hear.”

We’d say there’s a possibility that Sheree is just upset that her ex is involved in such a high-profile relationship…were it not for the court docs that support her story.

to decide for yourself if Sheree seems like the trustworthy type.