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Firehouse 51 was left reeling on Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 8 after a giant helicopter explosion caused damage in ways both personal and professional.

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The hour opened with Boden receiving bad news about Donna’s pregnancy, and also with Brittany making Severide vow to come home safely that evening.

In other words: the bad omens were clear from the outset.

All of our heroes and heroines were called to the scene after the aforementioned explosion left enormous chunks of helicopter all around, with multiple victims on the verge of death.


(On a production value note, mad props to the special effects and stunt coordination people here. The crash scene was portrayed with movie-like quality.)

On a writing level, you can watch Chicago Fire online and see how the series weaved personal story lines through the rescue attempt, which took up a bulk of the hour.

Take Brittany’s reaction to see her man in action. Do you really think she’ll be able to handle Severide’s line of work on a daily basis?

This is someone who places himself in the line of (hot!) fire on a constant basis. It would be a challenge for nearly any woman to think her husband may not return every time he walks out the door.

And Brittany isn’t any woman. She has recently lost a sibling, hence her connection to Kelly, who is still dealing with the death of Shay. They share a bond of mutual pain and suffering.

Casey and Dawson, meanwhile, both struggled to keep their feelings in check during the rescue attempt. They had a job to do, but you could easily see the relief on their faces when they realized afterward that the other was okay.

But are we crazy… or is the show hinting that Mills may be back in the mix? Would you want to see this love triangle rekindled?

Or would you prefer to see Mills begin a relationship up with Brett? And are you still concerned about Brittany?

Ponder these topics as you look forward to Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 9, which airs on Tuesday, November 25.