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Last week, we learned that Britney Spears is dating Charlie Ebersol – a television producer who is also the son of legendary NBC exec Dick Ebersol.

Since then, Britney has confirmed the relationship, and even posted a photo of herself and Ebersol on Instagram, which he then shared on his own account:

The relationship is still fairly new, but from the outside, it seems that things are going well…which makes the latest news on how the two met that much more unexpected:

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

According to the Daily Mail, Ebersol was not only approved by Britney’s father, he was actually hand-selected by the elder Spears before he’d ever even met Britney.


This is nothing new, as Jamie Spears reportedly introduced Britney and David Lucado, and he has a history of screening the troubled pop star’s boyfriends.

What makes things different (and considerably creepier) this time around, is that Jamie and Charlie met at a business meeting in which Ebersol was pitching a reality show about Britney’s life.

Sources say Charlie agreed to go on a date with Britney after Jamie told him that his daughter “functions better with a man in her life.”

Some have suggested that Jamie was basically hinting to Ebersol that the deal could go forward as long as Charlie agreed to date Brit.

Of course, it’s also possible that Jamie just felt that Charlie would be a good match for his daughter and the two of them hit it off just as he thought they would. 

We hope that’s the case for Britney’s sake. She’s been through enough dude drama for five lifetimes.

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021