Carla Ferrigno, Terese Serignese: Two More Women Accuse Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault

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Earlier this month, decades-old Bill Cosby rape allegations resurfaced when comedian Hannibal Buress referenced the dark chapter in Cosby's past during his stand-up routine.

In the weeks since, several more women have come forward with shocking charges against Cosby.

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First, a former actress named Joan Tarshis provided shocking details of an alleged encounter with Cosby in 1969.

Later the same day, former supermodel Janice Dickinson accused Cosby of sexual assault, claiming the legendary comic drugged and raped her in 1982.

Today, two more women have independently come forward with similar accusations against Cosby.

A Florida woman named Terese Serignese, and Carla Ferrigno - the wife of actor Lou Ferrigno - both gave interviews within the last 24 hours in which they accused Cosby of assaulting them.

Serignese says Cosby offered her free tickets and backstage passes to his comedy show in 1976. When she met up with him after the performance, he gave her two quaaludes, which she says she felt pressured to take.

"My next memory is I felt high," Serignese says. "I don't remember what happened in the meantime...He didn't have any clothes on, and obviously I didn't either by that point. I don't know how they got off."

Ferrigno says her encounter with Cosby occurred while she was still in her teens. Cosby allegedly invited her to his home, where he groped and attempted to kiss her while his wife was in a different room.

Ferrigno says she was able to fight him off and run from the house.

Cosby has yet to respond to any of the charges. He refused to answer rape allegation questions during a recent NPR interview and simply went silent when the topic came up.

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