Amanda Bynes: Zac Efron is NOT Ugly!

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Zac Efron was ugly ... but now he's not. It's hard to know what troubled star Amanda Bynes is thinking, regarding this key issue, but she's clarified her view.

The actress, who was released from a psychiatric facility on Thursday after a three-week involuntary hold, is back to one of her infamous old tricks:

Being the Twitter authority on who is or is not ugly.

Amanda Bynes Has a Doll Face

Zac Efron appears to be on the fence somewhat.

“By the way I just want to tweet that Zac Efron is not ugly,” Bynes posted on her feed Friday night, perhaps as an apology to labeling him as such before.

In 2013, a distressed Bynes tweeted, “@zacefron has an ugly face” and then deleted it. She also tweeted that she wanted Drake to murder her vagina.

Amanda was hospitalized for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and placed under a legal conservatorship, with her parents in charge for a year.

That lapsed this fall, and she quickly went off the rails.

Bynes was arrested for DUI and spiraled out of control before being placed under a 5150 hold in L.A. in October. She was surprisingly let out last week.

Very much in a fragile state of mind once again these days, she proclaimed Friday, “I’m going to USC,” as part of an epic Amanda Bynes Twitter tirade.

She previously attended fashion school at FIDM and has tweeted about transferring to NYU, though she also claimed to be engaged to a guy named Caleb.

That's not true, and it's unclear if anything she says is.

Bynes, 28, said she was going to court “to fight my mother and father over control of my personal life and control of my finances” upon her release.

However, the former child star didn’t show and the judge overseeing the new conservatorship ruled that her mother, Lynn Bynes, will remain in control.

How much control she actually has is an open question.

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