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Embattled NFL star Adrian Peterson just struck a plea deal in his child abuse case that will allow him to avoid jail time for whooping his son with a switch.

It was not immediately clear what he would plead guilty to, but it will be a lesser charge that does not carry any time behind bars, according to reports.

One source indicates that Peterson has agreed to plead no contest to misdemeanor reckless assault, a lesser offense than what he originally faced.

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His punishment will likely entail probation and counseling and/or community service, but he will be more or less off the hook in the eyes of the law.

In the court of public opinion? That’s a different matter entirely.

The Minnesota Vikings running back had been charged with felony child abuse for repeatedly striking his son and causing multiple bruises and lacerations.

Peterson claimed that this was just strong parenting, not abuse, and proceeded to slam the media. Not regarding the case specifically, just in general.


He is expected to appear in court later today to enter this plea officially, at which point the speculation over when he will return to the NFL will commence.

Stay tuned …