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Hey, did you hear?

Kim Kardashian is naked in the latest issue of Paper Magazine. It’s true!

The former sex tape star is giving readers a look at what Ray J pounded on video many years ago, sticking her bare butt in the air on the cover of the publication and then taking it ALL off inside.

But while the Internet nearly broke over this up-close and very personal look at Mrs. Kanye West, it’s not as if Kim Kardashian is the first person to ever don her birthday suit on the front of a national magazine.

Far from it, in fact.


Past nude cover stars have included a multiple-time Emmy winner… Tom Brady’s prettier half… and, well, Kim Kardashian again, among others.

But is THIS Kim Kardashian cover the most alluring of all naked magazine covers? In the history of naked magazine covers? That’s the question.

Try to answer it by checking out the racy pictures below and then comparing them to many other examples of nude celebrities above.