True Tori Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Will Dean McDermott Finally Get a Vasectomy?

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On True Tori Season 2 Episode 2, the focus shifted somewhat, or at least broadened from Dean's cheating to the reality TV family's financial difficulties.

Will Tori Spelling opt to get rid of her giant warehouse of belongings in order to provide for her four children? Does she want to make any such sacrifices?

Also, something prompted Spelling to reach out to her ex-husband, Charlie, on True Tori Season 2 Episode 2, while she and Dean pondered a major medical decision ...

We also learn that Tori is a hoarder. Like for reals.

Seriously. If you watch True Tori online this week you will see our "collector" protagonist talk to her friend Jess who wants her to deal with her storage problems.

It's a virtual house of horrors, and not just because of awkward fights while making dinner or revelations like Dean masturbating to Tori on old episodes of 90210.

At therapy, Dr. Wexler asks Tori and Dean if they were disappointed or happy that she isn’t pregnant, despite the fact that she pretended she thought she was.

Tori says she was sad ... but then they revisit the idea of Dean getting a vasectomy because he CHEATED and she doesn’t want any more babies with him.

Totally stable person, Tori Spelling.

Dean is hurt, but not surprised necessarily, by this revelation, but Tori goes on to say that a fifth baby would just be too much financial stress on the family.

They visit a urologist. Dean is conflicted. Apparently they've never considered birth control and the fact that they can have sex and not produce children.

Tori says she got pregnant once while on the pill, but regardless, this Dean McDermott vasectomy story feels about as absurd and forced as you can imagine.

Whatever. After some rare family fun, she goes to her storage vault with Mehran and they see a picture that her ex-husband Charlie made for their anniversary.

Tori finally realizes it's not about the things, but the emotions attached, and feels that getting rid of them is starting over and not what her dad would've wanted.


Somehow, this turns into a long discussion about how she needs closure from Charlie, which has to be the most random segue in reality TV history.

Of course, then she ends up canceling and giving herself health problems due to stress, not unlike when Tori was hospitalized for a nervous breakdown.

This woman is an utter mess. As is Dean, who is about to go through with the procedure but doesn't want to be like Spencer Pratt and do it on camera.

He says he knows it’s urgent, though, since she can’t physically have any more children. She goes back and forth and now it's Dean having a meltdown.

He asks the camera guys to go while he goes off. Dean says he can’t make a decision to save his life, and cancels the procedure at the last second.

Big surprise there. Tori says she wants a normal family but normal is different for everyone and she knows she can't have a baby to save her marriage.

Courtney tells Tori that letting go of things can give her freedom and room to grow, but she still seems to struggle mightily with this ... and just about everything.

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