Taylor Swift: Photobombed By Dad at 1989 Release Party!

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Whether she's hosting listening parties for fans or guest-coaching on The Voice, Taylor Swift has been promoting her new album, 1989, non-stop.

It's likely to pay off in record-breaking sales, but just because Taylor is arguably the biggest pop star on the planet right now, that doesn't mean she's immune to the occasional embarrassing dad moment.

Taylor Swift: Dad Photobomb

That's Taylor at a Target location celebrating the release of the deluxe edition of 1989, and from the looks of it - no one is more excited about the record hitting stores than her proud papa.

"Hiiii dad," Swifty captioned the above pic, demonstrating once again how to turn a potentially awkward moment into a relatable and hilarious one.

Yes, as anyone who's seen Taylor's feline robe knows, the girl is successfully making cat-lady girl geek cool again. She's like a living, breathing Cathy cartoon. 

And it's for that reason - as much as her catchy tunes and confessional lyrics - that Taylor has such an easy time finding an audience with all age groups and sexes. The world has enough cool celebrities. We need one covered in cat hair.

So congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Swift for raising such a daughter who's savvy and wildly talented, but more importantly, a daughter who's funny and down-to-earth enough to see that she got photobombed by her dad and throw that joint up on Instagram anyway. 

Check out some celebrity reviews of Taylor's new album here and, of course, download 1989 to form your own opinion of Swifty's first foray into the world of pop.

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