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Last night on Survivor Season 29 Episode 6, one of the teams made a desperate attempt to procure a bag of rice while a fake immunity idol was "played."

Would it help the player stay in the game?

Watch Survivor Season 29 Episode 6 Online
Watch Survivor Season 29 Episode 6 Online

If you watch Survivor online, you know last week’s elimination must have hurt Dale, who had to see his daughter go home. But he vowed not to be next.

Showing Jon a fake immunity idol, he made a bold bluff in hopes of outwitting his way through another week. Would it work? That remained to be seen.

At Hunahpu, Jeff gave the tribe more rice, but in exchange for a lot. Tarp, bedroll, pot, pillows, and all the reward items was his offer. Otherwise no deal.

So desperately, they start from scratch.


Hunahpu hoped to replenish some supplies with the reward challenge, navigating a maze to get puzzle pieces, then solve the puzzle with a BBQ meal at stake.

For the task, Hunahpu chose Reed, while Coyopa put up Baylor. Reed took the lead early and hung on without too much stress to bring it home to Hunahpu.

Baylor was headed to Exile Island, where Natalie volunteered to join her for Hunahpu, despite the fact that Reed planned to send Julie to meet that fate.

After the challenge, Coyopa pondered its future without immunity. Jon brought up the idea of voting out Keith, believing Dale had an immunity idol.

A rainstorm but an abrupt end to Hunahpu’s celebratory reprieve, reminding them in epic fashion how badly it sucked to have to trade away their tarp.

On Exile Island, Baylor got the clue for the hidden immunity idol. Sharing it with Natalie, the two planned to find them and secure their tribes respective idols.

At the immunity challenge, the tribes had to use a large wooden box to climb and collect scrolls, which would then be unraveled to solve a flag puzzle.

With Julie sitting, Hunahpu fell behind, but Reed and Josh workted together to win the challenge for Hunahpu in a badly needed morale boost to say the least.

With Tribal Council looming, Dale was still working the fake idol angle and pitched that John vote out Missy, promising John his bogus idol in return.

Missy wanted to vote Dale, while having two people vote Keith just in case Dale played an idol. He couldn’t really, of course, and his bluff did not pay off.

Au revoir, Dale.