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Stephen Collins and Faye Grant are engaged in a very ugly game of He Said/She Said.

An attorney for the actor claims Grant released a damning audio recording this week, one she made in a 2012 therapy session that features Collins admitting to the sexual molestation of three young girls.

Grant, meanwhile, denies having played any role in the tape’s release.

Stephen Collins-Faye Grant Divorce Details

But one thing is for certain: the estranged spouses are entangled in a very ugly divorce battle, with TMZ having obtained documents filed in court this year by Grant.

They list assets that total over $14 million between the couple.


Various items of note include:

  • Over $5 million in property.
  • A $100,000 vintage guitar collection.
  • A $16,000 Rolex.
  • A $40,000 art collection.

The papers also state that Collins made $7,682 for his role on Scandal; $40,000 on Revolution; and $5,500 on The Fosters.

Oddly enough, the documents also state that the couple owns three homes on two adjoining lots in Brentwood… and don’t have distinct bedrooms in these houses. Writes Grant:

"Stephen, our daughter and I did not have designated bedrooms in any one house: we would frequently rotate and move around to different bedrooms in the different houses."

That’s just… weird. But so is the allegation that Collins was glad he had a daughter because he supposedly said he wouldn’t be able to refrain from having oral sex with his son.

Collins’ reps allege that Grant has been trying to extort the actor for millions via the following audio.

But it’s worth noting: these reps do not deny the actual allegations. They do not deny that Collins is actually the one talking in the video below, overtly saying that he forced an 11-year old girl to touch his penis and that he exposed his private parts to three young girls in total.

Stephen Collins Admits to Child Molestation