Sadie Robertson: Dancing With the Stars Routines "Surprising Us All," Brother John Luke Says

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Sadie Robertson's Dancing With the Stars costumes and performances have come as a surprise to the Duck Dynasty star's famous family as much as fans.

We've heard Willie Robertson approves her outfits to ensure that his 17-year-old daughter covers up and wear things that are in keeping with her conservative values.

Sadie's 19-year-old brother, John Luke Robertson, says this rumor is true.

John Luke, the author of the Be Your Own Duck Commander book series, says Sadie has "been doing really well" in the dancing competition thus far.

"We're so proud of her," he said of the Duck Dynasty family.

Sadie's DWTS performances have, as John Luke put it, "surprised us all" from the start, but he's bullish on her winning it all this fall and for good reason.

She's yet to be in jeopardy on a Dancing With the Stars results show, and is consistently in the top tier. With eight stars left on the show, who knows.

John Luke says sticking with family is just what they do.

"Even when my grandpa's said things that were pretty controversial, we've all just stuck with him," he recalls of last winter's Phil Robertson PR nightmare.

"That's what we've said: I'll stick with the family, we'll stick with the business [and] we'll stick with God," adds the newly-engaged John Luke, and he means it.

That's been true of Sadie Robertson and Blake Coward, as well. The youngsters are saving themselves for marriage, even though they admit it's hard.

So how have the Louisiana natives stayed true to their values, and each other, despite being thrust into the national spotlight for the past three years?

"Every opportunity that came up, or every temptation that came up that was tempting us to compromise, we said, 'Well, If we have to do that, then we're not doing the show."

So they "stuck together, and that's worked out," John Luke says.

Duck Dynasty Season 7 premieres November 19 on A&E.

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