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A Michigan police officer recently pulled over a vehicle because a five-year-old girl wasn’t using a booster seat, but then decided a ticket wouldn’t cut it.

Instead, Ben Hall bought her the booster seat she was lacking.

Cop Gives Mom Car Seat Instead of Ticket

"A ticket doesn’t solve the situation," Hall told WXMI-TV.

"What solves it is the child being in the booster seat like she should be," adds the Emmett Township public safety officer. "It was the easiest 50 bucks I ever spent."

Hall was on patrol last Friday in the southern Michigan community when he pulled over the car after someone reported that it had an unsecured young child inside.

Alexis DeLorenzo and her daughter were with a friend.

Hall said that DeLorenzo told him that she had fallen on hard times and couldn’t afford a booster seat for her little girl, and her words clearly hit home.


"I was in a spot where I could help her," Hall said.

DeLorenzo said she was well aware that they could have been ticketed for the infraction, but instead, Hall told her to meet him at the township’s Wal-Mart.

At the store, he bought her a new car seat.

"It changed my life," DeLorenzo said of the man in uniform and his act of generosity. "I’m never going to forget him. And neither will my daughter."

Well done, Officer Hall. Hat tip to you, sir!