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No blurred lines here – Paula Patton is making her intentions plain as day.

First, Patton filed for divorce from Robin Thicke, now she’s stopped hiding the fact that she’s shacking up with new boyfriend Zak Walters.

“Zak moved in with her a couple weeks ago,” a source tells Radar Online. “They are very happy together and he treats her how she deserves to be treated.”

Paula Patton Premiere Pic
Photo via Getty Images

Though Paula is still not speaking to the press, the news of her new relationship was confirmed recently when Waters posted a photo from inside her apartment with a caption reading, “My new view.”


Thicke named his last album after Paula as part of his relentless effort to get her back. (Which included, of course, the release of a flop single titled “Get Her Back.”)

It seems it was a case of too little, too late, however, as Patton had apparently become fed up with Thicke’s cheating and other wild behavior.

Thicke admitted to alcohol and pain pill addictions in a recent deposition and expressed his belief that his inability to cope with the stress of finally landing a hit single may have led to the dissolution of his marriage.

Waters is reportedly a musician with an indie band called French Horn Rebellion. Sources say Thicke and Patton will continue to equally split custody of their three-year-old son