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We kicked off Supernatural Season 10 Episode 2 by going back June 21, 2003, where a 13-year-old Cole wakes up to find that his dad has been killed by Dean.

We know, of course, that the man was possessed because Dean is gripping his demon-killing knife, but someone try telling that to Cole. He has spent his entire life readying for his revenge.

And step one of that Emily Thorne-esque plan involves beating up Sam for intel.

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However, Cole then receives a family phone call and Sam uses the opening to grab the first old truck he can find, calling Castiel for help.

After learning Dean is a demon, Castiel agrees to meet up with Sam to find his brother – but he gets a tad sidetracked when he falls asleep behind the wheel, causing him and Hannah to hang out at a mechanic’s house while the car is fixed.


Remember the days when Cas could have just zapped himself away somewhere?

It’s then back on the road for Cas and Hannh… except he falls asleep again. So Hannah takes the sandbox to heaven to ask a favor of Metatron.

Will he hand over some of Castiel’s grace for his freedom? No, Castiel interrupts and says he won’t allow Metatron to escape. (NOTE: The latter goes on to to refer to Castiel here as "ASStiel," hehe.)

Dean, meanwhile, gets angry when a strip club tells him he can’t touch the naked workers. He goes outside and there’s Crowley, who goes for a drink with his protege.

He tells Dean he must kill or he’ll snap, so Dean agrees to murder a cheating wife… only for the husband to get home and refer to Dean as a “freak” and bite it himself instead. Crowley is now angry over being cost a soul.

Crowley dumps Dean off on Sam after the two fight about whether Dean is on Team Human or Team Demon, with Sam finding Dean playing piano at a bar.

Although Dean says he doesn’t want to be cured, Sam tell him that it’s time to go home.

But then Cole shows up and knocks Sam out, finally coming to face off with his nemesis. Seeing Cole kill himself to attempt and get to Dean – with Dean not  taking him seriously at all – was the best moment of the hour. Heck, Dean even makes a Princess Bride reference.

However, Dean doesn’t kill Cole.

In letting him go, he provides Sam with enough time to grab some holy water and handcuffs and secure Dean in the backseat of the Impala. From there, Sam goes to meet Crowley and hands over the First Blade, which Crowley claims he wants for safety.

In the car ride home, Sam says letting Cole survive was proof of Dean’s humanity. But Dean counters that allowing Cole to live with his loss after a lifetime of preparation was a fate worse than death.

And then Dean threatens Sam while calling him "Sammy." Darn. These two still have a long way to go.

What did you think of the installment? You can watch Supernatural online via TV Fanatic if you need to catch up and you can take a peek below at Supernatural Season 10 Episode 3, "Soul Survivor."

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