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Prince William is extremely worried about his wife Kate Middleton’s weight, according to a new report which claims the expectant mom has lost an alarming amount.

The Duchess, allegedly, has dropped seven pounds since she found out she was pregnant with her second child and is now only a modest 108 pounds.

For a woman who’s 5’10” this total is even more slender.

“She can be sick up to 20 or even 30 times a day,” a source said, due to the hyperemesis gravidarum she is suffering from and also battled back in 2012.

Kate is trying to put on a happy face, despite her health problems (weight related or not) and reports that she and Prince William are fighting constantly.

Some OBGYNs believe Kate should have gained five to seven pounds already, but with her recent loss could be 12-14 pounds underweight instead.

We first learned that William got Kate Middleton pregnant again earlier this fall, when she was forced to cancel a number of royal appearances as a result.

She is feeling better now, but only marginally.

Sources say Kate is also feuding with Princess Beatrice and feeling the pressure from the royal family’s monarch when it comes to getting back to work.

“Queen Elizabeth has a very strong work ethic and hardly had to cancel any duties in her lifetime due to ill health. She will always put work first,” says a source.

“She believes Kate should be doing the same.”

Well, we hope none of this is true, which is very possible, and that Kate is happy, healthy and thriving as she prepares to welcome her second baby in 2015.