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Kate Gosselin couldn’t keep her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, from showing up at the big family yard sale last weekend, but she sure could keep a safe distance.

Once Jon Gosselin crashed Kate’s yard sale, she did everything possible to avoid talking to or ending up in pictures with her ex, according to reports.

Jon & Kate Gosselin: Goin' YARD (Sale)

While cameras rolled, filming the event for the return of Kate Plus 8 to TLC in December, people there said Kate went out of her way to give him a wide berth:

"If he [got] anywhere near her, she’d keep her distance. She wouldn’t get [close to] Jon because she knows that’s what he wants, for those pictures to go everywhere."

The pics went everywhere anyway, which is no surprise, given the couple’s tumultuous past and rumors of Jon broke, evicted and abandoning kittens.

Kate, 39, posed for several photographs at the yard sale, but mostly with people browsing the wares outside St. John’s Church of Christ in Wernersville, Pa.


She and her kids were selling some of their old things, to benefit the local animal rescue league. "She was on camera, so she was ‘on,’" the observer says.

The onlooker adds, "She’s very animated with her facial expressions … she’s not a stoic person." Just the same, "she runs that house like a military base."

"She’s very organized. She just doesn’t crack."

Jon, for his part, is showing plenty of cracks.

Having been evicted from his home in rural Pennsylvania and lost more jobs than we can even keep track of, it’s not clear where he’s living these days.

Equally unclear is how that will impact his visitation with the eight children he shares with Kate, as the brood would obviously need a place to crash.

Which he doesn’t have.