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Sorry, Amber Rose.

But it’s pretty clear who Kat Dennings is voting for in your Battle of the Butts against Kim Kardashian.

The sitcom star appeared this week opposite Ellen DeGeneres and was asked about Kim’s guest-starring turn on next week’s 2 Broke Girls season premiere.

Kat Dennings Praises Kim Kardashian Rear End

And while Dennings had plenty of positive things to say about working with the ex-sex tape star, she could really focus on just one thing throughout the interview.

"Her ass is amazing,” said Dennings of Kim’s famous derriere. “I was just so in love with her ass… t’s beautiful, she’s gorgeous… it’s just amazing. I’ve never seen an ass like that in my life."


Dennings isn’t alone in this thinking, of course.

It recently came out that Kim Kardashian butt lifts are very popular in Great Britain. More women there want their backside to look like Kim’s than like any other celebrity’s.

The actress, meanwhile, was also asked about new boyfriend Josh Groban, describing the singer as a "wonderful person" and saying they interacted a bit on Twitter before dating.

But co-star Beth Behrs recommended the two should date "she thought we were both nerds," Dennings said, concluding: "And she was right."

But back to Kim Kardashian’s ass. Check it out in some of these revealing photos!