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We hope you’re sitting in a comfortable seat, THGers.

Because How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 2 followed up an impressive premiere with an hour that cycled through a great deal of plot. Ready for the next lesson in Professor Annalise Keating’s dangerous classroom?

Watch How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 2 Online
Watch How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 2 Online

We start by going forward, getting a glimpse of Connor, Laurel and Michaela in the woods. But where is Wes? He’s keeping his friends waiting – and Michaela worrying, saying she trusts Wes, but not “her," adding: "It’s all her fault."

And there’s our first mystery of the night? Her who?!?

It appears as if the the woman in question is Rebecca, Wes’ neighbor. After Wes comes back to his friends and they stop to get lighter fluid to burn Sam’s corpse, Wes uses a burner phone to inform whoever is on the other end of the line that "we’re gonna protect you."


Later, after said burning takes place, Wes heads off to a seedy motel to meet Rebecca, informing her that "it’s done.” 

Still, this is Shonda Rhimes, remember. It’s very possible that Rebecca is some kind of red herring and Michaela is actually concerned about Keating because, well, who wouldn’t it?

ELSEWHERE, Laurel approaches Bonnie, afraid she’s only been named to the team because Frank likes her. However, we quickly learn that Bonnie is not the one to sit around and gossip. (Not that there’s anything wrong with gossip! Check out our website name.)

Bonnie tells Laurel not to waste valuable time on personal worries, and instead to use her energy "to get Annalise to actually learn your name.” BURN! (Laurel does later take this advice when helps give Annalise a vital strategy to prove their client’s innocence.)

Rebecca, in present day, gets arrested as a co-conspirator (along with Lila’s football player boyfriend) in Lila’s murder, with Wes telling her not to say a word.

Meanwhile, Connor upsets his tech-spy love interest by asking him to hack into a witness’s email account, then later missing their dinner date. However, Connor – who may actually have some feelings here – goes on to beg for a second chance and says h’s even willing to act out the lyrics to “Pull Up to the Bumper” to gain forgiveness. Really.

As for Annalise? Remember her? She is greeted by a boyfriend very angry about the events on How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 1, seething: You won your case. You got laid. How can I be of service to you?

He also threatens to reveal their relationship to Sam.

At home, Keating finds a text from Lila and asks her husband if he’s “screwing her.” He says no, but Annalise notes that it’s happened before.

The episode ends with Sam making a romantic dinner for Annalise. However, when he goes to get a bottle of wine, Annalise checks his cell phone and notices he’s deleted all references to Lila Stangard.

Annalise goes right to Nate’s house and implores him to look into Sam’s alibi the night Lila was killed. Does she really suspect him? Is she covering for herself? It’s unclear, due to Viola Davis being totally awesome.

Annalise then heads back home, tells Sam they’re "good" and seduces the heck out of him, rolling on her side afterward and letting a single tear fall.

SO SO SO GOOD! Hurry up and watch How to Get Away with Murder online so we can discuss this terrific episode together!

Here’s your look ahead, meanwhile, to How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 3, "Smile or Go to Jail."

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