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As we’ve been saying for quite awhile here at THG, Dean McDermott doesn’t cheat because he’s a drunk or a sex addict or Tori Spelling sucks at sex.

He’s a cheater because he’s a cheater who goes through the motions when it comes to marriage, a longtime friend of his says in a new interview.

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With Tori Spelling hospitalized for a nervous breakdown, it’s no surprise that part of her is still struggling to understand why her husband strayed.

Well, according to his friend, it’s not that complicated. He “went through the motions of being married,” and has “obvious issues” that go a long way back.

“Dean and I go back many years,” Toronto native Dan Kibsey says. “We were neighbors for 10 years … [teens] until we were ready to move out of home.”

McDermott’s emotional problems began at a young age.


“His mom was quite ill for many years,” Kibsey said.

“She had diabetes and some other issues.”

“Her passing hit Dean hard,” McDermott’s friend went on. “I think it would hit any family member hard! He was still pretty young … 16, 17. That’s tough.”

Dean married Mary Jo Eustace in 1993, but his childhood friend says he saw how the future reality star was still carrying a lot of emotional baggage.

“He went through the motions of being a married man, and that’s basically it,” Kibsey said, and soon enough, he banged Tori the first night they met.

While he was still married to Mary Jo. That was 2006.

Fast forward to 2013 and he boned Emily Goodhand on a business trip that led to a shocking cheating scandal and two seasons of True Tori on Lifetime.

“A lot of things have gone on,” Kibsey conceded of his friend. “I had a call from L.A. during that period and we emailed back and forth many times.”

“What people do, they’re doing things for a reason,” he continued. “Whether because of your marriage or other issues that push you to do things.”

As far as Dean’s obvious problems, "seeing it on the show and knowing about those particular issues, that information was obvious before anything aired.”

“I think some things have been blown out of proportion.”

Maybe so, but the wreckage that is their marriage continues to play out on True Tori Season 2 Episode 2 Tuesday night. Tune in and cringe then.