Dance Moms Season 5: Confirmed! Headed For Hollywood!

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Dance Moms is set to return to Lifetime’s airwaves for Season 5, and it will reportedly take place not in its star's native Pennsylvania, but under the lights of Hollywood.

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Following last night's Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 31, titled "Hollywood Here We Come, Part 1," rumors and speculation began to arise as to the show's future.

Season 5 will apparently begin at the Sheer Talent special edition competition in Niagara Falls, N.Y., October 11, and it won't be based out of Pittsburgh.

There are several signs the team is headed for Hollywood, not the least of which being the season finale title (part two has no confirmed air date yet).

Also, while attending her student Maddie Zieger's Dancing With the Stars performance in L.A., Abby Lee Miller dropped a big hint on her Instagram.

"Dance Moms’ creator Bryan and producer Scott were there at the live show to cheer @madisonsizegler1313 on!" Abby Lee said on the set.

"Hope they realize I need a costume seamstress w/skills for #season5 #aldc."

ALDC is the Abby Lee Dance Company, whose elite performer Kendall Vertes also hinted at big changes to come, staying "there’s going to be some drama.

“I mean, it might be the end. Lots of drama!” Nia Frazier, her co-star, added.

With Dance Moms Season 5 set to begin filming next month, the producers aren’t spilling any spoilers, but it looks like the show is getting reinvented.

There's already one spinoff on the air - Dance Moms: Abby's Studio Rescue - and a move to L.A. would make sense for a growing Lifetime brand.

We'll have more on that as information becomes available, but you can watch Dance Moms online to see last night's show and earlier episodes in full!

And relive Abby's most classic moment to date below. Never gets old.

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