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With this extra special Halloween video produced for her extra special web series, Courtney Stodden proves once again that she is a woman of many talents.

And ample curves. Very, extremely ample curves.

Courtney Stodden Halloween Video

While this display doesn’t quite compare to hot fudge cascading down her cleavage a la Courtney Stodden’s Ice Bucket Challenge video, it’s close.

Visually, both experiences are a lot to take in.

Stodden’s web show, Courtney Naturally, periodically features her doing … whatever it is she does. And no, we don’t mean Doug Hutchison. Yet.

You know that’ll be on an episode eventually.

Here, fans can bear witness to the 20-year-old’s sublime pumpkin carving skills, hear her recount a seriously spooky ghost story, and other Halloween fun.


Oh, and she’s not wearing a bra. Wow.

This is one stimulating video, with something for everyone on this 31st day and night of October. You’ll no doubt be exploding with Halloween spirit.

Seriously. You’ll burst with enjoyment.

You should probably expect nightmares afterward, however, and for people to give you some really interesting looks if you dare press play in public.

Just had to add that disclaimer.