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You were probably wondering this morning when, oh when, Courtney Stodden would finally post a video of herself taking the ALC Ice Bucket Challenge.

Your prayers have been answered people. And it’s one you must see.

NOTE: She does not get drenched in ice water, but something else.

NOTE: Courtney’s reaction contains a lot of uncensored profanity.

Courtney Stodden Ice Bucket Challenge

Raising money and awareness for ALS never gets old, but we were starting to think we had seen all there was to see when it came to Ice Bucket Challenge videos.

Then Courtney proved us wrong. So beautifully wrong.

After noting that her ALS charity of choice does not conduct testing on animals, and challenging RuPaul, Perez Hilton and Crystal Harris Hefner, she got doused.

In hot chocolate sauce. Mmm. Delish.


The guys who dumped it on her clearly didn’t tell her ahead of time, and her reaction is pretty priceless. We imagine her fiance was loving it too.

We don’t even want to think of how Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison made use of the remnants of this prank … but it looks like we just did. Oops.