Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: Dick Donato Makes a Shocking Reveal

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In jarringly serious and genuinely shocking moment, Dick Donato revealed on last night's on Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 4 that he is HIV positive.

VH1 and the infamous Big Brother star let the cat out of the bag a day early, with the Dick Donato HIV positive story rolled out in advance of the episode.

Still, watching it play out on Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 4 was one of those moments that stopped you in your tracks, because it felt ... well, real.

The episode title, "Called Out," is appropriate early on as Dr. Jenn blasts Nikki Ferrell for blaming the cameras and the format for her lack of progress.

Similarly, she puts Jenna on notice for disrespecting the system and the producers, and thus disrespecting her job and the therapeutic process:

“Please understand that when you encourage them to tell the cameras to f--k off, it hurts their ability to do the work that needs to be done here.”

Nikki Ferrell has a breakthrough of sorts after this, though, admitting her mood is really about the pressure to share their relationship with the media.

Dr. Jenn sees even deeper than that, though, citing Nikki’s inability to lose control and let Juan Pablo in, whereas he won't give her any validation.

Jenna Jameson, meanwhile, is furious about being called out, annoyed that the doctor always thinks she’s right, and "not feeling safe" right now.

Jenna may need more counseling and psychiatric help than you can get if you watch Couples Therapy online. Just our uninformed opinion there.

Everyone is skeptical over Nikki’s claims that she didn’t want any attention from The Bachelor, and notes the hypocrisy of her issue with the cameras.

Deena Cortese of Jersey Shore fame feels that Ferrell isn’t happy with the “opportunity of a lifetime” she has been given, a charge Nikki bristles at.

Meanwhile, Stephanie doesn’t want Dick Donato to reveal their secret. The Couples Therapy group is one thing, but going public for the world?

Finding out that this is what he wanted to do, the whole thing just didn’t sit well with me,” she says. “I’m very nervous he’s going to tell everyone.”

He does. The duo has issues in their relationship, but this is hanging over his head and he needs to come to some sort of terms with it to progress.

Dick reveals to Dr. Jenn that the reason he left Big Brother 13 was that he found out he was HIV positive during blood tests given for the show.

“I was just crushed,” he says.

He also discussed how it impacted things with Steph: “I think I stayed in the relationship longer because I thought 'this is more than likely the last relationship I’ll ever be in.'"

As for the obvious question? Dick Donato thinks the contracted the HIV from a stripper in Las Vegas, but not during the relationship with Stephanie, who is not HIV positive.

Dr. Jenn tells him that this is a real issue between himself and Steph - whether or not he’s going public with it - and she has to be okay with it too.

In a future episode, we'll see him reveal it to the group, although the whole world knows now. Finally, back to Nikki, who realizes Jenn is right about cameras.

She tells Juan Pablo they to live in the same city for this thing to work. Annoyed, he says she's never brought this up before and he left his daughter for her.

“Then don’t,” she says.

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