Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 4 Recap: A Birthday Blowout For the Ages

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Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 4 featured a birthday blowout for the ages, but you know we're talking about more than blowing out candles up in here.

This is Bad Girls Club, not Taylor Swift's Baking and Knitting Club.

We are watching the BGC season of Redemption, though, and onĀ Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 4, there were some signs that cast members might find it.


As usual, it was Natalie at the center of controversy, as her true personality came out and, well, this is Natalie Nunn. "True" does not make for "nice."

Or "calm" or "lasting peace" or "not on the verge of going crazy and breaking s--t." Rocky didn't like what she saw here anyway. How did she react?

Poorly. Very poorly.

Meanwhile, it was Dani's birthday and a celebration was thrown in her honor, but sadly for the birthday girl, fellow cast member Judi was present at the party.

These things happen on reality shows. They tend to plan the guest list instead of you, and right on cue, Judi's dramatic behavior became the focal point.

How did she ruin things Tuesday and what else happened that rocked the cast to the core and threatened their already slim chances at finding Redemption this fall?

We won't spoil it here for you, but this week was a doozy.

Follow the link to watch Bad Girls Club online to find out!

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