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Happy early Halloween, everyone!

FX celebrated this holiday by wrapping up the Edward Mordrake storyline on American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 4. Did this resurrected soul take anyone with him to the "coterie of companions?"

Watch American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 4 Online
Watch American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 4 Online

One by one, Mordrake visited the freaks. He asked for their sob stories in order to determine their fate.

Elsa, of course, initially believed him to to be Svengali that Esmeralda forecasted wouldd return her to prominence. When it finally dawned on her that he was actually the infamous bogeyman, she argued that “I’m not one of them”… even as Mordrake’s minions yanked off her fake legs.

We learned that Elsa was sadistic dominatrix in Germany in 1932. After filming a snuff movie for her some of her clients, she was drugged and had her legs cut off. With a chainsaw.


Mordrake was about to take Elsa after hearing this tale, but then he heard music…

Jimmy and Esmeralda, meanwhile, were biking back to camp when they witnessed Twist tackling Bonnie after she tried to escape again. They followed him back to the Bus from Hell, but ended up being captured by Dandy.

But Jimmy awoke, saw Dandy trying to saw the (phony) psychic in half (while playing the circus music Mordrake heard) and saved Esmeralda. He yelled at her (and Bonnie, Corey and Mike) to run.

Twisty was about to stab Jimmy when Edward appeared, forcing him to take off his mask and tell his tragic tale.

Turns out, Twisty was driven away by freaks in a different carnival who accused him of molestation. He came back to Jupiter and attempted to make a life at turning junk into toys.

But he failed and at one point tried to kill himself via a rifle in the mouth. However, he couldn’t even do that properly!

Twisty told Edward that he took the children to save them from their "mean" freaks and parents. His intentions were noble.

“You have caused the demon to weep,” said Mordrake, who then stabbed him and added him to the collection of souls.

But when Dandy came back to the bus and saw Twisty’s corpse, he put on the dead clown’s mask. GULP.

Jimmy told everyone at camp about Twisty’s death and Edward claiming his victim. A mob of regular people then arrived and Mike’s dad shook Jimmy’s hand and a potluck actually broke out, which made Elsa very happy: now she could sell out that night’s show!

At the show, Elsa banished the Tattlers from performing and Elsa made an exception for Stanley to attend he introduced himself as Richard Spencer from Hollywood.

Finally, in a frightening event you can relive when you watch American Horror Story online, Dandy returned him and was once again mocked by Dora. But, inspired by the new mask, he finally made good on last week’s promise: he slit her throat and laughed.