Amanda Bynes Shoplifting Video: So Funny, So Sad

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Amanda Bynes was accused of shoplifting twice this week, and in surveillance video from one of the stors, she ... busted out some SWEET dance moves!

She doesn't actually pilfer any clothes in this footage, but you can see her browsing the racks in Pookie & Sebastian, where she was later accused of doing so.

For reasons unknown, Amanda starts rubbing, strip searching and TWERKING on her driver, who was by her side and didn't know what to make of this, clearly.

She then started wildly dancing and flailing around the store, putting Taylor Swift to shame as if she were trying to "Shake It Off" like there was no tomorrow.

There's no shaking off the throes of mental illness, sadly, without real treatment, and this just proves she's in need of it as her bizarre behavior continues.

Amanda Bynes was caught shoplifting minutes later, when a store clerk confronted her. Within the same 24 hours, she was nabbed by security at Barney's.

No one filed charges in either case, but it's only a matter of time until someone does, and the charge might end up being for something worse than shoplifting.

This is someone who needs help, as her old friend Nick Cannon put it, and she's not getting it ever since her parents let their conservatorship lapse.

In fact, her parents have not even decided whether to go back to court and ask for another one, which leaves authorities at a loss for how to contain her. 

Unless the 28-year-old star commits a crime, or poses a danger to herself or others, it's very difficult to put her on a psychiatric hold against her will.

Given that she believes she has a microchip implanted in he brain and is already mowing down NYC pedestrians on her bike and stealing from stores?

It's only a matter of time. Just pray no one, including Amanda, is hurt in the process and that this bizarre saga ends sooner rather than later for all our sakes.

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