Amanda Bynes: Caught Shoplifitng AGAIN?!

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Believe it or not, the Amanda Bynes saga continues to get more bizarre.

Just yesterday, we reported that Bynes was caught shoplifting by security guards at posh Manhattan department store Barney's. Cops were called; Amanda provided a shaky excuse for her actions, and the actress was allowed to leave.

Now it looks as though she may have walked away from that incident only to head across town and unsuccessfully attempt to steal clothing from a different store.

Sources tell TMZ that employees at Pookie & Sebastian kept a close eye on Amanda from the moment she entered their small boutique - not because they recognized the actress, but because they believed her to be a "half-naked, homeless crackhead."

Amanda reportedly paced around he store muttering about plastic surgery before eventually grabbing a shirt off the rack and running for the door.

She was stopped by an employee, and after a brief argument, Bynes agreed to pay for the $128 shirt.

This, of course, is just the latest episode in a streak of strange behavior that began around the time Bynes was arrested for DUI on September 29. 

Since then, witnesses have spotted Bynes clawing at fans in clubs, carrying on conversations with inanimate objects and running into pedestrians while riding a bicycle.

It's not known if the actress' behavior is a result of drug use, mental illness, or some combination of the two, but Bynes reportedly believes that there is nothing unusual with her recent conduct.

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Amanda Bynes is a young, innocent actress who is a former show host on Nickelodeon and a singer in addition to an acting star . After... More »
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