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Dance Moms: Abby’s Studio Rescue Season 1 Episode 5 saw Abby travel to this week, and proved to viewers why you should never mix business and family.

Watch Abby's Studio Rescue Season 1 Episode 5 Online
Watch Abby’s Studio Rescue Season 1 Episode 5 Online

Eclipse studio owner Michelle lacks the business acumen to keep her operation afloat. Basically she’s running a charity, and it is headed downhill.

One day, she plans on giving her business to all three of her daughters, though one of them, the youngest, Kennedy, seems to be the priorities here.

Of course, Kennedy’s own priorities are different, and much of Abby’s Studio Rescue Season 1 Episode 5 is devoted to highlighting the duo’s differences.

What the daughter would like is to break into ballet, but she feels she can’t tell her mom this because Michelle still has that Dance Moms mentality.

No wonder this business is struggling just to tread water lately.


Michelle, meanwhile, allows kids to stay in her classes even though they are majorly behind on their bills, an issue Abby says has to be fixed first.

You can’t have a business if you don’t bring in cash. Period.

Abby also works to extricate Kennedy from being front and center in the routines the studio showcases, which will help sharpen Eclipse’s focus.

Having dances no longer hinge on her daughter should help Michelle ease into the idea that she must let her little girl grow up and pursue her dreams.

Meanwhile, middle child Jordan appears to be subtly sabotaging Kennedy’s attempts to break free, making for a truly messed up situation all around.

With Abby’s help, as you’ll see if you watch Abby’s Studio Rescue online, Michelle finally got a clue, and got assertive when it came to the business.

She’s really turned things around, too. Sometimes all you need is a little outside help and some perspective from a sage expert who has been there.

And sometimes, that person is Abby Lee Miller.