Zenya Bashford: Hooking Up With Justin Timberlake Behind Jessica Biel's Back?

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According to a new tabloid report, Justin Timberlake has some explaining to do regarding one of his backup dancers, a woman named Zenya Bashford.

VIP party pics after one of his recent concerts show the superstar dancing with Zenya and getting a little too close to her with his wife nowhere to be seen.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Image

In one photo, published by Star, Justin has his hand on Zenya’s neck; in another, her lower back; in another still, her arms are around his neck.

His rep told the celebrity gossip publication that there's nothing going on between the star and Zenya, but the photos could potentially be a concern.

For Biel, that is. Assuming they're legit. Justin was having a blast.

“It was definitely more than friendly,” an source alleges. “They were dancing in a way that no married man should ever dance with someone who is not his wife.”

The insider goes on to claim that Jessica would “hit the roof” if she saw the compromising photos ... which have now appeared in multiple tabloids.

Hopefully she's not a supermarket browser of such publications.

“Jessica is no fool,” the insider adds of Justin's beautiful spouse.

“She knows she has to keep an eye on Justin. She’s noticed he’s friendly with a lot of his backup crew but she’s been especially suspicious of Zenya.”

To top it all off, OK! Magazine alleges that Justin and Jessica have been having some major issues back home, pertaining to trying to start a family.

That makes this double dose of B.S. REAL tough to swallow.

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