Teresa Giudice: "Positive" She Won't Go to Jail, Source Says

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Whether or not there are Bravo cameras at Teresa Giudice's sentencing next month, it's sure to be a dramatic day for the outspoken Real Housewives of New Jersey star. 

Along with her husband Joe Giudice, Teresa was convicted of fraud back in March and could face serious jail if the judge decides to make an example of her.

Teresa and Joe Giudice Beach Photo

The Giudice's sentencing was delayed following the death of Joe's father, but with the new date of September 23 fast approaching, friends say Teresa isn't the least bit concerned.

"Teresa has been telling friends she doesn't think there is any way the judge will send her to jail because she's the mother of four girls," a source tells Radar Online.

"Teresa is planning to say she just went along with whatever her husband Joe gave her to sign and never paid attention to the details."

"Teresa is very positive that the United States Justice Department won't recommend that she goes to jail," says the insider, adding that she believes she and her husband will both get off with probation.

Photos that Teresa's tweeted recently, like the one above, certainly seem to show a couple without a care in the world.

Of course, it was just last month that Teresa described the prospect of prison as "too terrifying to think about." We're guessing her suddenly zen-like attitude is just a testament to the power of denial!

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