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With nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other A-list stars making their way across the Internet, many celebs are concerned that their fans will soon be seeing more of them than they ever intended to reveal.

Sherri Shepherd is said to be particularly concerned that her racy selfies may soon go public, but it’s not the infamous iCloud hacker she’s worried about – it’s her disgruntled ex, Lamar Sally.

Sherri and Lamar split earlier this year amidst allegations that he cheated on her.

They were soon embroiled in a bizarre custody battle involving a surrogate and plenty of changing stories from both parties.

By the end, Shepherd wanted no part in raising the child, and claimed that Lamar had convinced her to have a baby in order to exploit her financially.

Now it seems, Sally may have found a different way to squeeze money from Shepherd:

Radar Online reports that Lamar is in possession of dozens of nude photos of his famous ex, and he’s already turned down a $100,000 offer to return them to Sherri.

A source says Shepherd “deeply regrets sending the photos to Lamar” and did so only because they lived in different cities for much of their relationship.

Insiders say Sally is threatening to release the photos if Shepherd doesn’t agree to a divorce settlement that would have her making $10,000 in child support payments for a son that’s not biologically hers.