Ryan Gosling Cried When He Saw His Daughter, The Baby "Looks Like Eva," Source Says

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We learned on Tuesday that Eva Mendes gave birth to Ryan Gosling's baby, just two months after the world learned that she was pregnant.

As expected, the online reaction from gazillions of female Gosling fans was swift and harsh.

Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling Photo

So we're presenting the following tabloid details about the birth in hopes that hearing about how the Baby Goose was a total sensitive softy will restore your will to live, girl:

"It was very emotional for Eva and Ryan," a source tells E! News. "They were both in tears when they saw their daughter for the first time!"

The insider adds that the "baby looks like Eva and has her features."

Naturally, reports indicate that Ryan is every bit the doting new dad, which fits perfectly with previous rumors that Gosling waited on Mendes hand and foot while she was pregnant.

We're not sure if news that the kid looks like Eva, and Ryan is currently defending his title as World's Greatest Boyfriend Material will make jealous Goslingites feel better or worse, but at least it sounds like the kid couldn't have entered a happier home.

So here's hoping none of Ryan's jilted fans break into said home with a thirst for Mendes blood.There's really no point: you know he'd just gently talk you into putting the knife down, girl. 

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