Rob Kardashian Tweets About Baby Mama Again! Why is He Hiding His Kid?!

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It's beginning to look more and more as though Rob Kardashian has a son.

Rob's been tweeting about his kid for years, and just last week he posted details about his plan to pick up his four-year-old from the airport.

As always, the tweet was quickly deleted, but instead of following up with an explanation that he was "just kidding," as he has in the past, this time Rob just took the post down and disappeared from social media for a while.

Yesterday, Rob tweeted, "was with my baby mama tonight," and astonishingly, he has yet to delete it.

Overweight Rob Kardashian

At this point, even Rob's Wikipedia page states that he "has repeatedly alluded to the existence of a son."

So what the hell gives?! Is this whole thing Rob's idiotic idea of a joke or is he actually hiding his toddler from the world?

Either way, the whole thing is pretty sick, and whether he likes it or not, Rob is a public figure who should probably clear the air before things get even weirder.

Sadly, given how reclusive Rob has been ever since he skipped Kim Kardashian's wedding, he probably won't be going public to solve this mystery any time soon.

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