Rob Kardashian Tweets About Son Again! Does the Struggling Reality Star Secretly Have a Kid?!

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Back in July, Rob Kardashian tweeted about having a son, then quickly deleted the post.

He later claimed to be only joking, but it was neither the first not the last time that Rob publicly confirmed that he's a dad. 

Overweight Rob Kardashian

Last year, Rob told friends he has a kid, shortly after posting a "shout-out" to his "son's mom" on Instagram. 

Yesterday, Rob tweeted, "I'm about to go pick my son up from the port and can't wait to watch a great movie with him...Suggestions anyone? He's 6."

He quickly deleted the tweet, but did not post a "Just kidding!" retraction as he has in the past.

So why would Rob attempt to keep his offspring under wraps, and why would he so terrible at keeping it on the down-low?

Addressing the second question first: Rob's struggles with drug addiction are well-documented.

We really, really hope he's not high on sizzurp or weed (his alleged drugs of choice) while on the way to pick up his son, but his tendency to tweet while high could account for his inability to keep a secret.

But why would he want to keep the kid a secret in the first place?

Well, anyone who's read Kanye West's wedding speech knows that the Kardashians fancy themselves some sort of powerful, Game of Thrones-style royal house, and Kris Jenner is probably delusional enough to think that anyone cares about her family's bloodlines.

Like his sister, Rob has dated his fair share of losers and users (rumor has is that Rita Ora cheated on him with 20 dudes), but as the sole male Kardashian, there might be pressure on Rob to only knock up classy, respectable-type broads, ya know?

So it's possible that Kris didn't approve of Rob's choice of baby mama, so she cut the poor girl a fat check to go underground.

Or maybe Rob just starts imagining kids after his third or fourth cup of purple drank.

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