Kylie Jenner Pays Tribute to Joan Rivers on Instagram

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When Joan Rivers passed away yesterday at the age of 81, dozens of celebrities who had crossed paths with the comedy legend over the course of her career expressed their grief on social media.

It seemed that everyone in Hollywood tweeted their love for Joan yesterday, with a few notable exceptions. 

Kim Kardashian feuded with Rivers for years following some jokes that the comedienne cracked at her expense. As such, Kim was silent on Twitter yesterday, and her Instagram page was just the usual barrage of paid product endorsements.

Kim's youngest sibling Kylie, however, is clearly willing to forgive the time Joan parodied Kim's sex tape, as she fondly remembered her run-in with Rivers with the following photo:

Joan Rivers With Kendall and Kylie Jenner

No date is given, but both Kylie and her sister Kendall appear a couple years younger in the pic. Kylie captioned it simply, "Rest peacefully."

A classy move from a girl whose family has been the butt of many of Rivers' jokes over the years.

Clearly, unlike Kim, Kylie understands that Joan was simply doing what she does best when she engaged in some Kardashian-bashing, and while she may have offended on occasion, it was ultimately an honor to be roasted by the Insult Queen.

Yes, at 17, Kylie might me more mature than her 33-year-old sister. Is anyone really surprised?

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