Kate Middleton Pregnancy: Will Royal Couple Use as Excuse to Leave London For Good?

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In case you somehow haven't heard, Kate Middleton is pregnant with her second child.

Yes, the heir will soon have a spare, as the 24-hour news networks never tire of telling of us.

And while the press is understandably thrilled to have some good news to report for once, some Brits may be upset with the fallout from Kate's pregnancy-related health concerns.

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As with her first pregnancy, Kate is suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum - a sort of extreme morning sickness which has already caused her to miss a scheduled public appearance and forced the royal couple to announce her pregnancy sooner than planned.

Now it seems Kate and Will may soon use her condition to justify their permanent move out of London:

Last month, we learned that Will and Kate planned to move to Norfolk - a rural community generally used as a vacation spot for the royals.

Many Brits were upset, as they saw it as Will's way of shirking his royal duties, after $1 million in renovations to Kensington Palace to make their London home more comfortable (at the expense of tax payers).

A source revealed today that Kate began feeling seriously ill during the couple's latest trip to London.

She and Will are reportedly staying at Kensington at the moment, but "as soon as she's feeling better, they're going to head back to the countryside to enjoy the pregnancy in private."

The source adds that the "country air is a real tonic for Kate."

So you can imagine how this will go: Kate will spend the rest of her pregnancy in Norfolk, then the first year or so of the kid's life they'll stay in the country to avoid paparazzi, and after that they'll just claim their kids have grown accustomed to the environment and they don't want to uproot them.

Say goodbye to your royals, London!

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