Kaley Cuoco Responds to Nude Photo Leak ... By Posting Nude Photo!

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While dozens of female celebs are trying to figure out how best to respond to the nude photo scandal that dominated the Internet over the weekend, Kaley Cuoco decided to keep it simple and beat the hackers at their own game.

Nude photos of Kaley were posted along with those of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and too many others to list here.

But rather than denying that they're real, or vowing legal vengeance, Kaley simply shrugged and said, "Ya want some nudes? I'll give ya some nudes!"

Kaley Cuoco Naked Photo

Cuoco posted the above photo of herself and her husband today along with a caption reading, "What a fun day that was frolicking with my hubs on the beaches of Mexico. Feels like we forgot something?"

KC censored the photo herself, so of course it's not quite as revealing as the hacked images (and it doesn't violate Instagram's strict nipple policy), but it's still a fun, sexy response to a scandal that's left Hollywood reeling.

Clearly, the Cuoco-Sweetings aren't planning on letting one group of obnoxious hackers take the fun out of public nudity.

Of course, we think that if Kaley posted one or maybe even a few dozen uncensored nudes that would really teach those jerks a lesson.

Where do we go to start a petition for that?

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