Justin Verlander on Kate Upton Leaked Photos: I'm Trying to Win a Pennant Here!

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Detroit Tigers star Justin Verlander briefly addressed the controversy surrounding the leaked, naked photos of himself and girlfriend Kate Upton on Wednesday.

Just don't expect the athlete to comment on it any further. Ever.

Justin Verlander in Action
Kate Upton Lingerie Photograph

Verlander, 31, and Upton, 22, were among the many stars victimized by a rogue hacker still on the lam. Naked photos of them surfaced online Sunday.

Will it shake the confidence of the Detroit Tigers pitching ace?

“Instead of everybody kind of sneaking around and getting questions at specific times, it’s just easier to say I’m not commenting on that," Verlander said.

"I’m trying to win a pennant," he added, not worrying about the possible phishing scam. “I’m not going to comment on my personal life. I never have and I never plan on it."

"I keep my personal life personal. The focus for me is on the Detroit Tigers. I don’t want to take focus away from this team and what we’re trying to accomplish.”

Despite the obvious distraction posed by the Justin Verlander and Kate Upton nude photos, he said he would not have a problem blocking it out on the mound.

“I’ve always been good at that,” he said. “Baseball’s my life. You’re able to focus on that especially when you’re on the mound doing what I’ve done my whole life.”

Last night, he sure didn't do a good job of it.

Verlander was lit up for six runs on nine hits over 6.2 innings, falling to 12-12 with a pedestrian 4.80 ERA on the year. But there is some upside here:

  1. He's been sort of sucking anyway this year, so it's not like the Kate Upton scandal is going to derail some awesome season.
  2. The Tigers are still in the thick of the AL Central pennant race and right there in the hunt for the stupid second wild card spot.
  3. He's still dating Kate Upton.

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