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Before Johnny Depp got engaged to Amber Heard or had children with Vanessa Paradis, he dated a succession of Hollywood It Girls and was as well known for his troubled relationships as for his acting.

One of the most tumultuous and infamous of his romances was with supermodel Kate Moss.

And according to a new tell-all book about the fashion world of the 1990s, the relationship between Depp and Moss was far more sordid than anyone had previously thought.

Johnny Depp Ice Cream Photo

In Champagne Supernova, author Maureen Callahan goes into graphic detail about the habits and hang-ups that nearly caused Depp and Moss to self-destruct.

Describing the first night they met at an East Village club in 1994, Callahan writes:


“They had a drink, did some coke, and then went back to his hotel room, where they holed up the next day through a snowstorm.”

Before long they were “the chicest, druggiest couple” in Hollywood and they’d become notorious for their insanely hard partying.

“In one sitting, [Moss] could snort three grams of coke and drink a bottle of vodka, which a doctor says was the best liquor for preserving her looks,” Callahan claims. 

“She put stuff away so hard and fast her nickname was ‘The Tank.'”

Moss allegedly became “obsessed” with Depp leading him to breakup up with her in 1997.

After becoming involved with Jude Law and his wife in a drug-fueled three-way relationship, Moss married Jamie Hince in 2011.

Depp is set to marry Heard in the near future, but we’d imagine stories like these might give her cold feet.