Herd of Deer Crash Amazing Wedding Photo: See It Here!

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Okay, maybe this is the coolest wedding photo of all-time.

We previously gave that honor to this wave-crashing image. And we also considered it for this amazing look at a bride and groom posing in front of a tornado.

But now a photo of Erick and Lauren Fix on their big day has been posted to Reddit, and it features the newlyweds standing in front of a herd of adorable, slightly frightened deer.

Deer Photobomb Wedding Picture

Fix tells ABC that the nuptials took place on the farm of a family friend, a locale that often has a herd of wild deer roaming all about.

These animals are apparently accustomed to being fed at the same time every night and head there naturally on their own... so when they showed up during the reception dinner, photographer Ian Christmann pulled the couple away.

"They were really jittery and then at one moment they all just looked up," Christmann said of capturing the above snapshot. "They had a really funny expression on their faces."

This is definitely a winner. If only we could see it in GIF form, though...

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