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Directed by David Fincher, based on a global bestseller by Gillian Flynn and starring Ben Affleck, Gone Girl opens this Friday as one of the more heavily anticipated movies of the year.

Does the big screen adaptation live up to the hype? How is relative unknown Rosamund Pike in the key role of Amy Dunne? And what about that altered ending?

With critics having gotten an advanced look at Gone Girl, we’ve compiled a number of their (mostly VERY positive) reviews below.

Scroll down and decide whether Gone Girl will be worth your time and money this weekend…

Gone Girl is a rare bird: a tricky, weird mystery that benefits from people knowing its twist from the outset. – Kate Erbland

Why doesn’t the movie claw us as “The Social Network” did? Who could have predicted that a film about murder, betrayal, and deception would be less exciting than a film about a Web site? – Anthony Lane

A break-all-the-windows plot-twister that keeps every jolt and (most of) the cultural jabs from Gillian Flynn’s blockbuster novel. – Joe Neumaier

David Fincher’s Gone Girl is an absolute masterpiece; a uniquely American rumination on marriage and modern society and one of the very best, most thrilling experiences you’ll have going to the movies this year. – Drew Taylor

Even those who have read Gillian Flynn’s novel can expect to be surprised by the jolts and jumps in David Fincher’s take on events. – Liz Braun

My overriding sense about Gone Girl is that director David Fincher wanted to make a flawless murder thriller in which the audience loyalty and association with the key characters was pushed and pulled unmercifully for maximum impact. He succeeds. – Andrew l. Urban

Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike deliver a masterclass in duplicity in their deft manipulation of the Dunnes’ complex lives and rising resentments. – Emily Breen