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George Zimmerman had yet another brush with the law this week after he allegedly threatened to kill a man following a road rage incident. Seriously.

WSVN reports that the altercation took place in Lake Mary, Florida.

The man, whose name has not been reported by local media, also told the police that Trayvon Martin’s killer was waiting for him at his work afterward.

Zimmerman reportedly admitted to police that he had an altercation with the man, but won’t face any legal action, as the man has declined to press charges.

The 30-year-old, acquitted in the Martin case last July, has avoided protracted legal battles two other times in the past year for exactly that reason.

In December, Zimmerman’s girlfriend Samantha Scheibe declined to press charges after initially claiming he pointed a shotgun at her face during an argument.


Last September, George’s ex-wife Shellie Zimmerman declined to proceed with a case against him after she claimed he threatened her and her father with a gun.

A previous report on this week’s alleged road rage suggested that Zimmerman was working as a security guard at the time of the confrontation.

The business at which he claimed to be working at the time denied that George was an employee there; that reference has been removed from the story.