Florida Teens Break Into House to Have Sex, Get Arrested While Getting It In

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This Florida couple gives new meaning to the term breaking and entering.

Allison Riddle and Evan Jones, both 18-year-old high school students, are accused of forcing their way into in Bradenton, Fla., home for sexual purposes.

The hornball teenagers needed a place to fornicate, in other words.

Their plan to get it in involved a calculated move to get in. Jones’ friend, who cuts the homeowner’s lawn, gave him the garage security code Saturday night.

The owner lives in Michigan (classic snowbird) and wasn't there, but a neighbor called the cops after spotting the two teens allegedly going into the house.

When local police showed up, the duo was doing each other on a bed.

"All right, we’re coming out!” Jones called from behind a closed door.

Riddle and Jones told cops they didn’t intend on stealing or damaging anything, but had just gone into what they believed was an empty residence to bone.

Perhaps next time, they'll stick to the tried-and-true clandestine sex spots we all know and love, such as the back seat of the car or Burger King bathroom.

The teens were each charged with burglary and taken into custody.

Both have since been released ... no doubt to thrilled parents.

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