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The seemingly amicable Khloe Kardashian-French Montana breakup is officially getting ugly. 

First, French claimed he felt “great,” after being dumped by Khloe, thus providing further evidence that he never cared about her in the first place (as just about everyone suspected).

Then, French’s ex, Trina, dissed Khloe in song form, referring to the reality star as a “bitch” in the ominously-titled single “F-ck Love.”

Khloe With True at Sing 2 Premiere
Photo via Instagram

If you thought that would be the end of the weird love-triangle beef between a bunch of people who aren’t even sleeping together anymore, well then you don’t know how desperately French and Trina want to get famous.

Sources close to French say the D-list rapper wants the world to know that Trina is a hypocrite for bashing Khloe as a cheater, as Trina totally started sleeping with him while he was still married.


He also claims that Trina is simply trying to start a feud so that she can use Khloe’s fame to help boost her practically non-existent music career. You know…just like French did!

We’re sure being roped into weird drama like this only makes Khloe more certain than ever that she made the right decision by cutting Montana out of her life.

Unfortunately, it looks like she may have waited too her long to end her alliance with French. Now she’s stuck in the middle of a war she wants no part in.